Re-Opening Info

When will MedPeds Fully Re-Open?

We have heard from many patients who understandably wonder when will the office will more fully re-open? We are very carefully following all health department guidelines and are acting in a slow and deliberate manner to ensure that we can re-open safely, both for our patients’ safety as well as for the safety of our staff and providers. The guidelines require changes on our part that are necessary, but time-consuming. For example, all patients coming into the office must be pre-screened by a staff member the morning of the appointment; bathrooms must be sanitized between each use; we are having patients wait in their cars rather than in the waiting room; and exam rooms must be thoroughly cleaned after each use AND remain empty for two hours before they are used again; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gowns, gloves, face masks and shields must be on hand in ample quantities to accommodate patient visits to the office and these materials are not always easy to obtain.

You may hear about other offices and urgent care clinics getting back to normal more quickly. In some cases, they may be specialist offices who treat fairly healthy individuals, or who may not treat very young children, the elderly, or immuno-compromised patients, or they may not be fully aware of the state’s guidelines, or they may treat a smaller number of patients per day. Since MedPeds treats patients of all ages and health statuses, we feel our cautious approach will be safer for everyone concerned.

Currently, patients coming into the office include children requiring vaccines and patients who need pre-surgical clearance and require an EKG. As we begin to slowly expand reopening, we plan to include women who need pap smears, and others for whom a physical hands on visit is required such as a patient who recently discovers a lump. We will allow other patients who require a physical exam slowly and thoughtfully.